Kingston Collection

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Size:  835,000 SF

Client:  Pyramid Management Group

Location:  Kingston, MA

As part of their renovation of an aging center,  Pyramid Management Group, brought in SN Consulting Group to find a cost effective design to reposition the existing center to capitalize on the food, entertainment, and outlet niches that were not represented in the market.  The ongoing remodel kept tenants in operation while storefronts were replaced, added exterior presence to enliven the façade, and created new tenant space opportunities by right-sizing spaces for today’s market.

Prudential Center Expansion

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Size:  50,000 SF

Client:  Boston Properties

Location:  Boston, MA

SNCG provided concept analysis and design for the expansion of The Shops at Prudential Center.  Working within the phasing needs of some of the current tenants and the construction issues of a center block expansion, the Prudential Center Expanstion project retained the best aspects of the arcades while allowing for full development of the long-approved square footage. The project was completed in 2016.

Stillwater Avenue Bangor

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Size:  Various

Client:  Epstein properties

Location:  Bangor, ME

SNCG has worked with Epstein Properties to create a court of outbuildings with both multi-tenant and single tenant buildings.  Design guidelines create buildings that work together visually for the long term and provide individual identities.  With common materials and design elements the buildings have raised the aesthetics in the area while maintaining the strict budgetary requirements for the market.  The buildings opened between 2011 and 2015.

Peabody Commons

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Size:  62,000 SF
Client:  Yebba Realty Ventures
Location:  Peabody, MA

Designed to achieve Special Permit approval, this 55,000-square foot center at the gateway to Peabody is undergoing a major redevelopment.  The site was reorganized to create a lively mix of food, entertainment, and services as an alternative, and complement, to other venues in the area.  The reorganization of the site created additional parking, landscaping, and leaseable area within a framework that recommitted the buildings to the streets.

Mandarin Oriental Vitrines

Size:  200 SF
Client:  CBRE New England
Location:  Prudential Center, Boston, MA

SNCG worked with CBRE New England, and TMOB to create solutions for six foot deep vitrine spaces at The Mandarin Oriental Boston.  Charged with creating a complete, permanent look with viable merchandising in minimal space, the vitrines were design to be eye-catching stores and easily configured for the day and night.  Leasing is proceeding and the concept will be modified for each tenant

Flywheel Sports & Expansion

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Size:  2,870 SF/1,460 SF
Client:  Flywheel Sports
Location:  Prudential Center, Boston, MA

Working on  a fitness model for today’s executives, Flywheel operates around high-energy, short duration sessions which fit into tight schedules.  This allows Flywheel to operate in smaller spaces close to their customers.  The Prudential Center location, opened at under 3,000 SF and expanded with another 1,500 SF one year later.  With a daytime customer base of 10,000 within 5 minutes of its doors, the typical 30 minute sessions allow Flywheel to operate as a curated fitness boutique for both the office workers and hotels at the center.

Escape Salon

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Size:  1,350 SF
Client:  Escape Salon
Location:  Prudential Center, Boston, MA

Working with a respected salon owner, SNCG created a new flagship location in the Prudential Center. All of the services previously provided were compressed within a small footprint by re-imagining the delivery of services and combining occasional use stations.  The salon is also focused more heavily on retail sales, and fixtures were used to separate areas and provide required privacy.

Party City

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Size:  16,400 SF
Client:  FX Investments
Location:  Quincy, MA

With the resurgence of downtown Quincy, adjacent properties have increasingly become valued commodities.  SNCG has renovated a number of these former light industrial buildings including this 16,400 SF remodel-to-suit project to create an appropriate space for Party City.