Measurable value. Proven process.

SNCG was established as an alternative to corporate architecture firms, with a strong and distinctive emphasis on efficiency and smart solutions that meet the needs for 21st century projects both small and large. We have a proven track record of substantially streamlining the design and construction process for clients of many kinds. We assess client needs, strategize, implement, and add value at each phase of development.

We fully understand the role that SNCG plays in developing the project pro forma, and we seek to achieve the integration of design and budget discipline while meeting our client and tenant needs. Of course, many projects also require sophisticated strategies for engaging and connecting with communities, and we have deep experience in garnering local support and formulating plans that can help satisfy multiple constituencies and stakeholders.  We focus on every facet of commercial development: Our recent projects include mixed-use, multi-family, office, retail, hospitality, master planning, and industrial developments.

Additionally, our team involvement covers all aspects and phases of the development process. In order to provide maximum value for clients, we focus on tailoring our scope and work product to the specific services needed to accomplish each project’s unique goals.  Each project strategy is, in effect, “custom-built” for your needs and goals, receiving careful individual attention from our team.

The combined diversity of experience between our principals and managers sets us apart from the industry and gives us the unique ability to succeed regardless of the project’s scale, complexity or delivery method.  We provide best-in-class professional service, integrating design, QA/QC, and value engineering along the path to completion.  We have a proven track record of providing innovative solutions and maximizing development potential while working within the framework of a budget and schedule.

Experience the SNCG difference.